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Bain Capital’s investment in Redis in 2013 was the first instance of us jumping into the creation of what we call the modern data stack. Redis is currently valued at roughly $2 billion – not an outcome that, ten year ago, most market observers would have predicted for an open-source company. But, Bain Capital has a history of thinking hard about where waves of disruption are likely to come from and investing behind them.

We recognized that Redis was at the forefront of the shift from SQL to NoSQL databases and that users were beginning to expect immediate response from their applications. We understood the world-changing potential of Redis, then based in Israel, and its ability to help companies in every industry leverage the power that lies in the masses of unstructured data they collect. It enabled companies to reimagine the speed and accuracy with which they process, analyze and act on their unstructured data. Redis, for its part, chose to work with Bain Capital based on the firm’s deep knowledge and experience in building companies around open-source projects.

The success of Redis has required patience and a long-term view of disruption. Bain Capital first led the company’s Series A round of $9 million in 2013 and has supported the Redis journey ever since. Most recently, in 2020, Bain Capital invested $100 million in Redis’ Series F round, which pushed the company’s valuation over $1 billion. Same Bain Capital team at the A and the F, just a different point on the seed-to-scale continuum.

Since 2013, Redis has grown into the go-to cache for companies to operate intelligently and win in the digital economy and, in 2021, it was named the world’s “most-loved database” for the fifth year in a row. Building on this momentum, Redis now has plans to go public in 2023.


It was years ago that we saw the market opportunity for high-performance databases and caching in the cloud era. And when we saw Redis, we knew it had the potential to lead this category. Since our Series A investment, the Redis team have done a tremendous job of making Redis an essential tool for businesses everywhere. We’re thrilled to continue partnering with the Redis team as they build a multibillion-dollar database company.

Enrique Salem
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures